Hello From Northern CA

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Name: Weaver

Hello From Northern CA

Post by Weaver » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi all,

I have been researching a build for some time now and decided to start small with a ST helmet only build kit from Anovos. I have that helmet in hand and to my surprise, it actually fits my big ol' head. At this point I am asking one question and I also need some assistance if you are willing. I am hoping to get a definitive answer that if I build the helmet correctly, it will pass as the first piece in a Legion approved ST costume. Regardless of the answer, I am looking for anyone willing to help me with tips or tricks on the helmet build. It's a one shot deal as you know and its my first time so I plan to do as much homework as possible before putting the glue on so to speak. Anything would be appreciated and thank you in advance.
- Weaver

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Re: Hello From Northern CA

Post by Captain_Wordo » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:55 am

Hi Weaver and welcome to the Blizzard Force detachment!

I'm sorry that I have to ask, but do you really mean a "ST"-helmet or a "TS"-helmet?

If you're looking for help for a ST helmet, you should join the pathfinders detachment at http://www.bikerscout.net/ ;)

Otherwise you could have a look at the building threads for the snowtroopers: viewforum.php?f=78

Hope this helps!

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