Late Introduction.... Better Late Than Never.

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Late Introduction.... Better Late Than Never.

Post by Arctic Trooper » Tue May 27, 2014 8:03 am

Hello fello troopers. I am here to try and update the design of the AT-AT, and make the zero Gravity of deep space feel heavy with the pure awesome sauce that is the SnowTrooper, Davin Felth. I have a few rigs, I retrieved Lord Vader from Mustafar with my Shock Trooper, patrolled Besbin in Cloud City Garrison with my TK, hunted down farm boys and droids on moisture farms , took out a whole crawler full of Jawas as Davin Felth, my Cantina Sergeant SandTrooper, I have piloted AT-AT in My TS, and found the weakness in the design so Admiral Veers sent me to the far reaches of the galaxy so the Emporer would not know of this defect in Veer's design. Spent years underground raiding land speeders and Battling Krayt Dragons as a Tusken Raider. Finally finished up my tour with a never ending infection as a Death Trooper....

Now I need to blend in, I want to keep my self close enough to the Emporer so that when my time comes, I can show him the true power of the dark side and he will see , I am the obvious choice for Squad Leader.

So, point me towards the next transport with the fastest Ion Engines.... I have some rebels to annihilate.... :twisted:
Davin Felth for Squad Leader.



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