Hello from Val-des-Monts

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Hello from Val-des-Monts

Post by xorex » Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:13 am

Hi there fellow troopers

Lets start by answering a question you may have:
-Where the hell is Val-des-Monts?

Well its in Canada, yeah that's it where we all live in igloos and all :) No seriously, its in Quebec, near Gatineau in the Ottawa region.

Lets start with a little about me:

Name: Jean-Sébastien
Age: 39, and still playing dress-up

A little background story. I went to con and saw alot of people trooping and started to be very interested, so I asked a couple of questions. By C3 I had purchased my first scout trooper armor from CS, but unfortunatly since I live in Canada getting the armor there was a pain so I didn't troop there :(

When I got back home, I contacted the 501st and started trooping in Canada (a couple of cons in Toronto and Montreal, and of course the release day for episode 3). Unfortunatly, with work and time constraints I had to put my hobby aside.

Now with C6 comming I decided to get back into it and joined this great community and re-applied to the 501st, and got re-activated.

Its going to be real fun to manage my schedule to find time for it all, this hobby, work, family and my other hobbies: board games, MMOs, LARP and raccing. Yeah I race on the weekends (time attack with my Lotus Elise).

I hope I'll be able to troop before C6 so my 501st application will be accepted before then.

So now I'm looking at making a snowtrooper comander (thanks to all who have been very helpfull).

If there are some of you who live in my area or any where in Quebec, please contact me so we can hook-up and troop together.

Well I think that's all, in the hopes of trooping with the lots of you soon.


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