Greetings from Canada

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Greetings from Canada

Post by C1RCA » Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:47 am

Hello all!

My name is Curtis I'm from Humboldt , SK

iv been into costuming for bout 4 years on a costume mandalorian armor WIP long time i know , I'm very slow at painting but i want it to look perfect ... C00307.jpg

i'm going to have it finish in the new year for SW:CVI

some of you may want to know why i want to do snow trooper armor ? because it gets really cold and white in the winter =p

my favorite movie is ESB , ill most likely be doing a snow trooper commander =) , once my mandolorian armor is done ill start working on it but in the mean time ill be doing some research some posting for questions

on a side not all my fiberglass props are not painted by me or made they all are done my boba maker , Daz

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